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Mini credits without payroll instantly, how to get them?

Many times, not having a payroll can reduce our chances of accessing some type of financing via credit. Above all, if we request it through traditional banking entities.

However, the emergence of more agents in the financing market for others has also led to the appearance of new credit modalities with their own more or less restrictive regulations.

But, let’s start at the beginning, what is a mini credit without payroll?


What is a quick mini credit without payroll?

payday loan

Quick mini payroll loans are loans specially focused on clients who, although they do not have a fixed salary, do have some type of periodic income that guarantees sufficient solvency to face the return of the requested mini credit.

In general, for this income to be accepted by the lender, it is necessary to meet three fundamental requirements:

  1. Be regular. The returns of the credits or loans are made through periodic installments, so we must have regular income, at least, for the duration of the term of return of the mini credit.

  2. Constitute a minimum volume. Our income, in addition to being sufficient to meet the conditions of return, must allow us to meet our basic needs (payment of the mortgage or rent; expenses of water, food, etc.) but, it is very likely that we will not be granted the loan as preventive method because the client may have the tendency of not complying with the credit return to face these basic payments.

  3. Be justifiable. If we do not have a payroll, we must present the relevant documentation that justifies that we have such income.

Among the groups that usually respond to these characteristics we find, for example, the self-employed, the unemployed who receive a benefit; as well as all those who receive an income or those who do not work but receive a monthly rent for their homes.


How to get a mini loan without payroll from Lite Credit?

credit loans

Presenting a bank receipt!

As we mentioned, many are the lenders that grant loans without requiring the client to pay their monthly salary. However, this does not imply that the applicant is exempt from presenting any document that guarantees their financial solvency.

In the case of Lite Credit, having a bank receipt that certifies that, despite not having a payroll, the applicant does have another type of regular income, is an essential requirement to qualify for the granting of any loan or credit in our entity. .

Once the relevant documentation is presented (either payroll, or a bank receipt) the process can be done in 3 simple steps through our platform. Let’s see how!

  1. The applicant fill out an application in which some data will be required. It is a form that will be validated later on our website.

  2. Once this is done, a confirmation code will be sent to the mobile phone number provided.

  3. Finally, it must be entered in the corresponding field within the same web page.

And ready! The request is now in the hands of Lite Credit. The entity will evaluate the solvency of the applicant thanks to the information provided by the borrower and that obtained through public databases or capital solvency files.


Why should I choose an online credit without payroll from Lite Credit?

Why should I choose an online credit without payroll from CreditCoco?

Cover urgent contingencies. This is one of the motivations that leads many Spaniards to request financial aid of this type.

However, this need for a quick response seems a complex situation when, despite having recurring income, we do not have work and, therefore, a payroll that certifies that we can take care of the return of the requested mini-credit.

Many are the banks that request all kinds of documentation to grant any type of financial aid. So why choose Lite Credit to request a mini credit online when we do not have payroll? Precisely because of the facilities in this regard.

Although it is true that each case is carefully studied, always under the premise of ensuring responsible economic management both for the company and, above all, for the client; Lite Credit is presented as a more accessible option compared to traditional entities and provides all the financial aid necessary for this type of situation, as long as there is a sufficient volume of income, periodic and, of course, demonstrable by means of a bank receipt.


Advantages of our online micro credits without payroll?

small loans

On the one hand and, among others, our conditions. From Lite Credit we make available to the applicant up to 5,000 euros whose repayment requirements are set taking into account both the situation and the needs of the borrower.

On the other, our agility in processing. We understand that when a person comes to us to request a fast micro credit, they require an immediate service to cover their needs as quickly as possible and, therefore, we have devoted many of our efforts to generating a platform in which the applicant can carry out its procedure in a few minutes.


What documentation must I present to request the microcredits without payroll from Lite Credit ?

credit loans

The fact that in Lite Credit we can carry out the processing and granting of the mini credit without payroll in just a quarter of an hour implies that the documentation to present is quite simple. But what do we need to qualify for a mini credit?

  • A document that certifies residence in Spain (ID or passport), along with a selfie to confirm your identity.

  • Be the owner of a mobile phone line (to notify by SMS about the status of the mini credit request) and a current account in your name in Spain to which to transfer the money.

  • And finally, as we have already mentioned in previous sections: a bank receipt that certifies the periodic income with which the applicant will face the return of the mini credit.

In addition to this, Lite Credit reserves the rights to request additional documentation to be able to assess, in a more complete way, the applicant’s credit profile and, based on that, to be able to estimate the granting or not of the loan and under what conditions.

How to Choose the Right Term of Online Cash Loans to Avoid Loans

When applying for a cash online loan, tenor times are important to keep in mind because if you choose the wrong tenor, you may not be able to pay the installments so you are out of debt. Therefore, first, study the ways below before choosing one!

Online cash lending is a staple in society today. The reason is that online cash lending offers a lot of conveniences to reach all the people, young and old. The variety of facilities provided by online cash lending can be done anywhere and anytime, the process is fast and financially viable in just a few days, with requirements that are easy to fill. The most common requirements for applying for a cash online loan are IDRs, Taxpayer Identification Number, Tax Slips, Pay Slips, Employment Letters, and even personal account number holders.

When you apply for a cash online loan

When you apply for a cash online loan

What is the first thing you notice about the terms? The average person’s attention will be focused on how much interest the online cash lender will charge. But there is one thing that you need to look at carefully, which is the tenor of the loan tenure. The tenor is the term loan provided by your online cash lender for you to pay off the installment.

For the average tenor of online cash loans, it ranges from 10 days to 360 days a year. Why is tenor time offered on a daily, not monthly basis? This is because the interest charged is calculated by day, not a month. So, of course, the tenor of the tenor is different from the Creditless Credit tenor, which has a monthly tenor and interest calculation. Before you choose a tenor, get acquainted with the two types of the tenor of online cash loans that you need to know:

Short Tenor Period

For short term tenants, online cash loans usually range from 10 days to 60 days (3 months). Short term tenants are chosen by those who feel they can afford to pay for larger installments because the shorter the tenor term is selected, then surely the nominal amount of the installment will be greater.

This is where short tenor shortages come in. As for the advantages, given the short tenor tenure, the interest rate also becomes smaller as the interest is calculated on a daily basis. If you feel that you can afford to pay high monthly installments, then the short tenor option is a good choice. But if you want a fast-paced debt, but don’t have the ability to pay a large installment, then you should choose a long tenor.

Long Tenor Period

Whereas for a long term tenure, the period of time that your online cash lender gives you ranges from 90 days (3 months) to 360 days (1 year). If you choose the long tenor, then the nominal installment will be less than the short tenor so those of you who have a passive income can pay it off. But unfortunately, the total debt becomes bigger. Considering the interest charged is likely to increase as the number of days is longer.

How to Choose an Online Cash Loan Duration


From the explanation of the short tenor and the long tenor above, you can already see where the difference between the two is. But if you’re still confused about which tenor is right for you, you can find out how to choose it below!

Pay attention to Financial Capability

The first way you can do that is to look at your financial skills first. Remember, what kind of debt installment are you currently paying off? These types of installment debt can be credit card debt, mortgage (Home Ownership Credit), KPA (Apartment Ownership Credit), KTA (Non-Credit), KMG (Multiple Credit), KUR (People’s Business Credit), KKB (Vehicle Credit) Motor), and so on. You need to pay off all the debts you have, if they total more than 35% of your monthly income, then pay off those debts before you can take out a cash online loan.

Let’s say you currently have a credit card debt of $ 500 and a $ 2 million mortgage. While your monthly income is $ 10 million, your debt should not be more than $ 10 million x 35% = $ 5 million. Given that the total debt is just $ 500 + + 2 million = $ 2.5 million, then you can get online cash loans at a rate of US $ 1 per month.

Simulate Calculations

The second way is very important because by performing a fluctuation simulation, you can see how much money you can set aside each month to pay off your online cash loan installment debt. This time we will try to simulate the calculation of interest for short tenor 90 days (3 months) with the 180-day long tenor (6 months) with 0.5% daily interest. The amount borrowed was $ 10 million. So the calculation goes like this:

  • Short Tenor Period

Basic installment : $ 10 million (borrowed funds): 3 months = $ 3.3 million

Interest payable: $ 10 million (funds borrowed) x 0.5% x 30 days = $ 1.5 million

Monthly installment : $ 3.3 million (principal installment) + $ 1.10 million (interest paid) = $ 4.8 million

Total debt total: $ 4.8 million (monthly installments) x 3 months tenor = $ 14.4 million

  • Long Tenor Period

Basic installment : $ 10 million (borrowed funds): 6 months = $ 1.67 million

Interest payable: $ 10 million (funds borrowed) x 0.5% x 30 days = $ 1.5 million

Total installments per month: $ 1.67 million + $ 1.5 million = R32.17 million

Total debt total: USD3.17 million x 6 month tenor = $ 19.02 million

  It doesn’t seem that different if you choose a different tenor. If you choose the short term tenure, the monthly installment will be larger, but if the overall debt is reduced, the long term tenure is the opposite as monthly installments become lighter, but the total debt becomes larger. So, consider carefully when you take an online cash Pinjaan tenor yes!

Check Returns on Owned Assets

Check Returns on Owned Assets

We tend to be reluctant to pay off our assets to a bank or pawnshop because the loan application process is so sluggish that you prefer cash online loans. But when taking out a cash online loan, you have to re-check the assets you own to prevent unwanted things like the inability to pay back the overdue cash online loan due to mismanagement or for other unforeseen circumstances such as layoffs ( Termination of Work Relationships). That way, when you face unpaid arrears, you can immediately sell the assets so that the installment can be repaid quickly.

Please note the Early Payment Fee Fees

It’s been a long time, but do you have more money to pay for it sooner? Don’t rush into paying all the installments because you need to know that there are early repayment fees if you pay them back sooner. The costs of course vary, which can range from 1% to 5% of the remaining installment amount. Therefore, keep in mind the terms and conditions that apply when you apply for an online cash loan to know for sure what the fees will be.  

After learning about the advantages and disadvantages of short and long term tenants along with choosing the right one, it’s time to apply for an online cash loan through the Palliser family which can lend you up to $ 20 million with a maximum tenor of up to 180 days. The requirement is very simple as it has a national ID, NPWP, and local bank account.

Credits with Credit Institution. They are a great alternative for you.

The reason why loans with Credit Institution were born is linked to the benefits offered by private lenders. It is well known that given the problems arising from the need to acquire credits through the traditional way, a financial market has emerged.

And yes, loans with Credit Institution allow almost anyone to opt for some financing. First of all, what is Credit Institution? It is a kind of list that includes all those people and organizations classified as delinquent. That is, it is a list of people who have not paid their debts in due time.

Learn how this modality works


So what is the need for this? Simple, when you go to a bank to apply for a loan or loan, they will take into account your delinquency. If you have outstanding debts, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to opt for these financial transactions.

For this, private capital lenders have been born, far from the rules that govern banks. It doesn’t matter if you appear on any list of delinquents, nothing compromises the obtaining of money with the credits with Credit Institution. In this way, the projects that you want to start up and need financing will be possible with the appropriate solution.

Credits with Credit Institution: get going


Previously we talked about having to take the right solution for you, and this is true. Private Loans is a company that will help you make the best decision when it comes to finance.

Do you need some money? We help you apply for credits with Credit Institution without any problem. All under the magnifying glass of our team of professionals and experts in financial matters. In addition, we help you expedite all the procedures so that in less than 48 hours you have everything ready to acquire your credit.

The best solution is called Private Loans , an organization willing to help you get money without compromising your stability. When it comes to money, it is best to invest in the knowledge of those who know about numbers, so we are here to serve you. We will be waiting for you to contact us to start planning your future.

Christmas shopping, the perfect time to apply for a loan online

We are at the end of November and already with our eyes on Christmas, the most expensive time of the year , where expenses do not stop growing and it becomes very difficult to reach the end of the month.

And, if we think about gifts, travel to see the family, business dinners, friends, family, the celebration of Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, the little models that we will buy to release these days … in our head will not stop sounding the cash register.

For this type of occasion, luckily, we can have an alternative financing modality that can take us out of more than a financial hurry, online loans for Christmas.

We talk about mini – loans of between $ 50 and $ 500

We talk about mini - loans of between $ 50 and $ 500

Personal loans of up to $ 12,000 if we need a slightly larger amount. They are loans that can come phenomenally to buy that perfect gift that you are looking for for your partner or children and that right now you could not pay, or of those dream vacations for the end of the year with which you have been dreaming the last year.

You do not have to give it up, you can simply apply for one of our online loans for Christmas this year in a responsible way. The first thing you should do is know what the expenses you are going to have during these holidays, and thus know more precisely how much money you will need.

It may be tempting to request more money

It may be tempting to request more money

Ideally, although it may be tempting to request more money, you should only ask for the amount that you have calculated that you need to fulfill your Christmas commitments. You will always be on time to ask for a new loan and finally you will need more money.

On the other hand, you must be realistic in the number of months that you will need to return the money, without this being a great burden on your economy or for your day-to-day expenses. We advise you to choose a long term, more realistic, acceptable, to want to return it in a period in which you can not do it.

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Is a Credit Card Need or Not?

Quite a lot of people are confused by the question, do you need a credit card or not. Even so, there are also those who don’t bother, then quickly submit an application without consideration here and there.

Of course, in a hurry to make decisions, especially those that have to do with financial affairs are not recommended at all. Because, just a little wrong can be fatal later. Moreover, the decision taken concerns the use of credit cards.

Back again to the question, whether you need to use a credit card or not, you should consider the following things.

If from these considerations, you need to have a transaction tool, why should you hesitate to take it?

Want to know what needs to be considered before applying for this card? Come on, find out in the following reviews:

1. Have a loan plan

1. Have a loan plan

What does a credit card have to do with applying for a loan? Apparently, the use of credit cards affects the credit history in the debtor or iDeb information. Well, this is the iDeb that makes the loan application will be approved or rejected by the bank.

Just so you know, one of the considerations of banks approving or rejecting loan application applications is to see good or bad credit scores. Transaction with this card can make a good credit history.

As long as card bill payments are always smooth and on time, as long as the credit history is just fine.

Just to note, smooth or bad payment is reflected in the credit score on iDeb. If it’s smooth, the score is good. Conversely, if it’s stuck, the score is bad.

How do you know whether a credit score is good or bad? You can check iDeb via the OJK SLIK service. In iDeb, the credit scores are as follows:

  • Quality 1 or smoothly paying bills.
  • Quality 2 or special attention because of overdue for 1-90 days.
  • Quality 3 or credit is substandard due to delinquency for 91-120 days.
  • Quality 4 or doubt due to delinquency for 121-180 days.
  • 5 quality or is stuck due to overdue for more than 180 days.

2. Planning to save expenses

2. Planning to save expenses

Can a credit card save money? Evidently, there are people who come up short because of transactions using cards.

The fact is, there are people who are wasteful because of the use of credit cards. However, that does not mean that bad behavior is done by all card users. There’s also why the benefits from having this one card.

Basically, this non-cash transaction tool is designed to make it easier for people to make payments. Gradually, the benefits increase, such as the promotion of discounts, cashback, rewards, to other promos. Of the many promos on offer, the most profitable promo is 0 percent interest installments.

Deh imagine how fortunately able to pay installments for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months with no interest at all. These benefits can be found on a credit card.

Therefore, there is no need to doubt the card transaction. The reason is, your expenses can be thrifty because of the promos on offer.

3. Find a solution during an emergency? Credit cards are reliable

3. Find a solution during an emergency? Credit cards are reliable

When an emergency credit card can be relied upon

Sometimes, there are just situations that force us to spend a lot of money. For example, purchasing a new refrigerator because the old one keeps leaking.  Actually, the above situation can be overcome by using emergency funds. However, if there are other solutions without having to use emergency funds, why not?

Well, you can find the solution to the emergency fund replacement in this card. The new fridge that you want can be purchased without the need for emergency funds.  Moreover, transactions with cards can be more efficient you know because there are discounts and 0 percent interest installments.

4. A reliable transaction while traveling as well as a debit card

4. A reliable transaction while traveling as well as a debit card

A reliable transaction tool when traveling other than a debit card

In addition to cash, debit cards become a means of payment that cannot be left behind while traveling. However, if you want to save expenses when traveling, a credit card is the answer.

On credit cards, there is such a thing as mileage programs. Cardholders benefit from this program. Because, they can fly for free by utilizing the program. In addition, expenses for traveling can be suppressed by the promos, both at restaurants or promo stay at the hotel. Of course you benefit from these promos.

That’s the considerations before deciding to take a credit card. If there are some that are the same as what you think, that’s a sign that you need a credit card. Conversely, no need to submit a credit card if the above considerations you have not thought about. Hopefully the information above is useful!

Bad Credit: What Does It Really Mean?

When a lender is unable to pay the installments on time, it can be said that the lender has bad credit. Bad credit is a bad credit where credit card users are unable to pay the minimum payment for more than 3 months.

Non-Performing Loans

Non-Performing Loans

Or commonly abbreviated Lenders are other terms of bad credit. It is very important for banks to maintain their Lenders as it is an indicator of their bank performance. If the Lender is low, then the bank can be categorized as healthy. On the other hand, if the Lender is high then the risk taken by the bank is high. If their Lender is above the previously predicted limit then the bank can be categorized as problematic.

Bad credit won’t be a problem if there are only one or two lenders who are not disciplined to pay off credit card loan installments. However, if a large number of credit card users in the near future do not pay their installments then the bank’s Lender will rise. Bank Lender trying to control them more cautious in meng- issue credit cards to new customers and to boost transaction needs a day – day.

This bad credit phenomenon is commoLenderace because many lenders do not yet understand how credit card interest works. Well guys, this article will talk about how credit card flowers work. For those of you who don’t know, check out these reviews.

How Credit Card Work

How Credit Card Work

Exactly how the interest on credit card works is explained and also sent along with the physical card to the debtor by the bank. In most cases, customers or creditors are reluctant to read and understand this.

The first thing you need to understand is what conditions cause the bank to charge interest on the debtor. There are at least 5 conditions:

  1. Debtors make payments past due dates
  2. Debtors make payments with a nominal minimum
  3. The debtor makes a nominal payment of less than the minimum
  4. The debtor makes no payment
  5. The debtor makes a cash withdrawal transaction

Actually, as a borrower or a debtor, you can avoid the rising costs by avoiding all five of the above conditions. Make it a point to pay the bills on time and as much as possible without paying the minimum nominal charge. Especially if you often withdraw cash from your credit card. This will affect your billing amount. The more you do the above, the higher your credit card charge.

Also, keep that in mind when you have more than one credit. Once one credit card has reached its limit, you may be tempted to use another credit card to collect cash. Whereas if we understand and understand the true function, the benefits of a credit card can be even greater.

Not only Self-Damage, but Bad Credit can also be harmful to the national economy

Not only Self-Damage, but Bad Credit can also be harmful to the national economy

South Korea is proof that bad credit can have a devastating effect on a country’s economy. This happened in 2003 before. South Korea is experiencing an economic crisis due to the huge credit card debt of which total credit card balance reaches $ 100 billion, the amount of credit card issued is 105 million cards which mean the average adult in South Korea has 4.6 Cards. Of course, this has caused South Korea to deal with strange Lender situations.

The ratio between debt and disposable income per household reaches 130%. This means that the average household debt is 30% greater than disposable income. Their credit card bad credit score reached 13.5%, even 30% according to other sources, compared to 4.09% in the United States at the same time.

If we do not begin to be disciplined in paying the bills, then we do not close the possibility that the Indonesian economy will suffer the same fate. Therefore, from now on avoid bad credit and get used to creating healthy credit. Primarily this will benefit you, the added value is that you are saving the country’s economy.

Real estate loan? One of the most serious questions in life.

There are many offers of mortgage loans to buy real estate, but which offer is the most advantageous? Do we have to choose a mortgage or is there another solution?

Housing property prices are still rising. What is good for the seller is not beneficial for the buyer. The price per square meter in the best locations is almost unpaid. It is very difficult to find the best house or apartment, and once we have found the right one, we need to act quickly, otherwise someone else can buy it sooner. In Central Europe, however, we still prefer our own apartment. Those who are considering buying are not in a simple situation.

When buying, we have to compete with investors who do not buy property for their own housing, but want to rent it or earn even more using Airbnb. They usually buy in cash, so if we do not have the necessary funds at hand, we have no chance against them. But what to do if we have to finance part of the price from some source?

The mortgage loan application is slower

There is no longer a bank that does not offer a mortgage loan. However, bank conditions can vary greatly. We care how much we have to pay for the loan. A properly selected loan can pay off in several respects.

Purpose loan or mortgage?

In order to make the right choice, we need to be very careful about loans and mortgage loans. Both types offer us many advantages and disadvantages. But the most important thing is what conditions we can accept.

What do we need to know about home mortgage loans?

What do we need to know about home mortgage loans?

Banks offer credit to buy real estate. This means that of this amount we can only execute the purchase transaction itself. We need to find other sources for smaller or larger reconstruction. The purchased property will be the security of the loan itself. So we can use the loan to:

  • purchase of a new or used apartment / house,
  • construction of a new apartment / house,
  • consolidation of an older, disadvantageous mortgage loan.

If we apply for a home loan, we will have to meet many conditions of the financial institution. Much more than when applying for a special-purpose loan.

These criteria must be met in order for the mortgage loan application to be approved

These criteria must be met in order for the mortgage loan application to be approved

Mortgages usually represent a much higher amount than conventional loans.

Therefore, the approval process is much longer. The purpose of the two loans is different. The applicant must meet stricter criteria than when applying for a loan.

  • We cannot be negative-listed. None of the banks will provide a home loan if we are a bad debtor. In any case, they will require us to involve a co-debtor.
  • We must be employed indefinitely and at least 3 months. The bank will calculate the maximum monthly payment it can offer based on the amount of our confirmed income. The latter, with a combination of maturity, determines the maximum amount we can get from the bank.
  • Own resources. Banks demand that we have a certain amount of our own funds when we buy. The percentage – or amount – depends on the financial institution.
  • Coverage. Since we have been repaying mortgages for many years, the bank cannot rely on our monthly income and therefore needs security. That is the very property we buy.
  • Insurance against insolvency. Usually it is not mandatory, but for long repayment periods, each bank recommends that we choose insurance against default. We can suddenly lose the job.

Why can a non-purpose loan be a better solution when buying a property?

Why can a non-purpose loan be a better solution when buying a property?

There are providers who offer us up to USD 1,000,000, and we don’t even have to state the purpose of use. These loans may suffice for those who have a greater share of the total cost of the property. In what cases is it worthwhile to supplement the purchase amount with a loan instead of a mortgage loan? Let’s look at a few such cases:

  • if we don’t want another to buy that dream house, and we want the money quickly,
  • if we need less than USD 1,000,000 – maximum amount of non-purpose loan,
  • if we have a high enough income to pay relatively higher installments.

Purpose-free loans today can be obtained under very favorable conditions, for about 4.58% APR. If time is an important parameter, it seems worthwhile to solve the question with a non-purpose loan. It is necessary to calculate whether it is worth to choose a mortgage on better terms or to look for a suitable property.